Fight For Freedom : Who are the enemies of the people?

Comrades, in the prosecution of the struggle for freedom, economic independence, and prosperity, the African people should be able to answer the question, “Who are the enemies of the people?”.

The struggle of Africa has been all over the place, where there’s the negation of the clear distinction between the enemies of the people and who the comrades are fighting for. The rhetoric and narrative that the liberation movements have perpetuated is that anyone who is not part and parcel of the war for liberation and threatens their grip on power is a Western puppet! Folks have been taught to hate these so-called “Western Puppets” or sellouts without a comprehensive introspection on the content of their character and the standpoint of their ideologies. The political divide has been defined by hate, not ideas.

Politics in Africa has become a corrupt business and a convergence point for corrupt individuals. The state has been used as a platform to pursue capital accumulation through corruption, and the same state, through the cohesive arms of the government, has brutalised anyone who tries to speak out against these vices. Those in the corridors of power have become parasitic bourgeoisie who have lost the conscience to know how to control their gigantic appetite to loot hook, line, and sinker, and they invest in the diaspora so that when they lose power, they do not lose their fortune and ill-gotten wealth.

Regardless of ideological orientation and political affiliations, those who preside over the affairs of the government and use the platform to enrich themselves and their families are the first enemies of the people. The state should be a platform to address the innermost aspirations of our people by changing their concrete material realities, closing the gap between the rich and the poor, and, in Marx’s ways of thinking, winning the class struggle and making an effort for our people to own the means of production, distribution, and exchange. In our contemporary politics, the enemies are the Gold Mafias in Zimbabwe, the Phala Phalas and State Capture apologists in South Africa, Bernhardt Esaus in Namibia, and those who stole iron sheets in Uganda.

As a result of these enemies of the people, the hitherto existing African society faces problems of politics without principles and power without moral purpose, and at the core of the innermost aspirations of this society are issues like food for all, education for all, healthcare for all, and housing for all, regardless of social class and identification.
Additionally, there’s another group of people who are part and parcel of the enemies of the people, the reactionary forces. These forces are driven by two things and two things alone: political patronage and the power retention agenda.
Comrades, who are we fighting for? Who are the people? All those who will benefit from the fight for freedom, economic independence, and prosperity are part of the people we are fighting for. There are young people who have no opportunities to work for their country and have resorted to drug abuse. These are our people. There are lawyers, teachers, and all civil servants who have something to do but nothing to show for it; their work is not translating into material possessions because of the poor economic policies of the ruling bloc. They have no choice but to keep working to sustain their families and spend the little they have. They have lost hope in change and political structures; these are our people. There are those in the countryside who, since independence, have not seen electricity, education, infrastructure, or a modern way of life—the peasants who survive on communal farming, whose poverty is weaponized by reactionary forces. They have not received any meaningful requirements to fully support them and increase the utility of the land they fought for. These are our people.

Moreover, there are those who are part of the reactionary forces; their poverty has been weaponized; they are used to justify, sanitise, and defend the government of the day; they are used to brutalise those who support the progressive forces; they are doing all this to receive and enjoy the trappings and trinkets of dictatorship. They are prisoners of the oppressive and corrupt system; they care mostly about their stomach infrastructure; they need to be rescued; a prisoner cannot release himself; they need our help; they are the people.

Comrades, now to the progressive forces of African society, let’s continue to fight for our people. Let us be aware of making what we are trying to unmake, constructing what we are trying to deconstruct, and ultimately let us be aware of replacing the corrupt and coercive regime but instead, we need to remove and reform. Our vision is big, but we also need strategic, actionable ideas to alleviate our societal problems. In the current society of challenges, let’s continue to fight, and there’s hope for Africa! Aluta!

In the quest to give substance and purpose to the fight for freedom, economic independence and prosperity, writes


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  1. An eloquent, lucid and communicative account of our experiences as the oppressed. Well said, leader.

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