Extracts from the thoughts of Steve Biko

To the sons and daughters of the poor masses of our people! Steve Biko in the pamphlet, I Write What I Like, observed that “The students must realize that the isolation of the black intelligentsia from the rest of the black society is a disadvantage to black people as a whole”, but how can we now contextualize this premise to fit our material times? We should not alienate ourselves from the society from which we spring, let the education and knowledge that we acquire, be used to extricate other young people from the toils and moils of illiteracy. We need to lead and influence at the level of the mind. Society requires organic intellectuals within our social class who remain connected to the class and understand the impact of sharing knowledge and conscientizing. Only when we realize this, that’s when we can be able to spark a Revolution understanding that every revolution is first a conscience and consciousness revolution. Revolution is not a one-day wonder, it’s a scientific process that is born out of deliberate actions of determining what to inculcate into the minds of the oppressed and what they should consume at the level of the mind. If we relax, through captured media and propaganda bigoted education, the oppressor will capture the mind of our people and remember that the weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. Dear comrades, let us keep mobilising , recruiting , educating and organising at the level of the mind for this is the only way we can be able to ouster dictatorial regimes before they turn us into objects of slavery. Aluta Contra Moi

Revolutionary thesis remains music to my ears!

Yours comradely

Masiyiwa Masiyiwa ✍️

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  1. Thank you comrade Munashe!! We will never surrender ourselves as slaves to these ruthless regime. I cry we shall be free!!

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